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The definition of salesmanship is the gentle art of letting the customer have it your way

— Ray Kroc

Dr. Steve helped me out

I have been following Steve online for some time now and just recently started following HeroStyle since Steve has been adding so much of his personal experience with being a single father of a child with ASD. Coming from many of the same circumstances and places as Steve along with being a single father of a son with ASD and ADD, I felt that maybe I had found someone that might actually understand me. Well, I was right!!!

I decided to reach out to Steve at HeroStyle 2 weeks ago more for someone to talk to that day, maybe to gain a little wisdom or share some of mine with him. He actually took time from his day to respond first by message and then by phone! We spent close to an hour that day on the phone and now trade messages online daily. His simple act of reaching out when I asked has helped me start and keep a new job, find new and suitable after school care for my son, and puts a smile on my face just knowing that someone out there still cares and even with all they are going thru/dealing with can take the time to help!

I would highly recommend HeroStyle and in particular, Steve, for your motivational needs!

Thank You, Steve!!!

G.E., Client