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Stalled Out? 15 Reasons Why (2018)

Do You Feel Stagnant, Stalled Out, Like You Are Going Nowhere Further?

Has your career, or your drive stalled out on your way to the top?

Are you stalled out? Are you feeling stagnant, struggling every day, and no matter what you do, you feel as if you have lost your drive. When you feel like you are stalled out, it can be tough to wake up every day because you lack the excitement you once had for your life. Thankfully, there is still time for you to become an unstoppable beast.

Remember When Life Was Different?

I bet you remember a time when you were full of hope, desire, and what you thought was the energy to do it all. You woke up feeling positive about your choices and the upcoming challenges of the day. Then out of nowhere, you sputtered a bit and slowly started to lose your mojo. Maybe you have yet to experience that feeling. If that is the case, you are fortunate.

Unfortunately, I speak with many people that feel disenchanted with their current situation. They go on further to explain that they feel as if they are at the end of their path. The path that they once believed to end in some fairytale land of fantastic success and happiness.

I am not sure that this land of great success and happiness does not exist. However, I am confident that if you feel like you have reached a standstill and feel stagnant in your advancement, it is very likely that you have lost your mojo, and you need to get it back.

15 Reasons You Are Feeling Stagnant, and Your Career Is Stalling Out

  1. Your skills have become outdated.

    If you are still listing Microsoft Office on your resume, you might want to get with your boss and find out what skills they have and learn them.

  2. You are comfortable where you are in life and with your job.

    Perhaps too comfortable and need to make some moves to get better expand yourself. To do this, you might want to take on new projects, offer unique suggestions to solve problems at work and re-engage with your job and team.

  3. You have blockers.

    Perhaps your boss or company is not advancing. In this case, you might want to set a deadline for something to change. If this change does not happen, it might be time to look for a new job.

  4. You do not fit the company's culture.

    Are you too laid back or not laid back enough? If so, you need to make some personal changes or find another place to work where you fit in.

  5. A lack of networking.

    It is essential that you know the right people and, more importantly, that the right people remember you. Reach out to the decision-makers within your company, especially the ones that decide on promotions. Work on a project that will get their attention.

  6. You are too passive.

    For example, you have not asked for a promotion, more responsibility, or raises, instead you are waiting for them to come to you. Be fearless and ask your supervisor about these things or for guidance on how to earn them.

  7. You're too negative.

    Nobody wants to work with a person that is negative all the time. You will need to inject some positivity into your life and stop voicing your negative thoughts unless they are genuinely productive.

  8. You dread your work.

    You're no longer passionate or, at the very least, excited about your work. Look around and find work that you are passionate about and get excited once more.

Overcome the feeling of being stagnant or stalled out by trying new things
  1. Your skillset is no longer relevant.

    The world changes daily, and you must keep up. Consider taking some classes to increase your skills.

  2. You've maxed out at your current company.

    Often small companies do not have the room to promote people. If you feel you have reached the top, you must be patient or look for a different job.

  3. You are not willing to change jobs.

    If you stay at a job or company that is not promoting you or forcing you to improve yourself continuously, you could end up being stalled out for years. It is time to look elsewhere.

  4. You focus too much on yourself.

    The most successful executives are team players. Stop focusing on yourself. Learn how your skillset can best help your team and engage.

  5. Your industry is shrinking.

    Over time some industries become obsolete. If your business is on its way to extinction, you need to learn new skills and find a new sector within which you can work.

  6. Your performance is sub-par.

    To get ahead, you must consistently improve at your job. Improve your performance, and you will increase your chances of a promotion.

  7. You have a reputation. 

    There are times when those that make the decisions will always tag you as the executive assistant or the "intern." Your initial position often characterizes this reputation. In this case, you should look to transfer to a different department or seek to work for a different company.

If any of the above are present in your life, it is very likely that you feel stagnant and stalled out. You need to make the necessary changes to once again feel passionate and excited about what you are doing. Once you find your passion, you are more likely to reach your version of success.

Learn More, Restore Your Passion

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