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SMARTER Goal Setting Yields Success (2018)

SMARTER Goal Setting Is The Key

SMARTER goal setting seems straightforward, but to ensure that you meet the goals, you might want to spend some time thinking about them. HeroStyle is proud to offer you a free guide that will help you set and accomplish extraordinary goals that are smarter than what was once the standard. Use our guide to define your goals and then use the worksheet to track your progress and stay accountable. With the proper SMARTER goals, you will be ready to unlock your inner beast.

Before you get started, download the free GOAL SETTING GUIDE.

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The goal setting guide and my goal setting worksheet will help you set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. Additionally, it is best if the goals are Evaluative and Revisable. Adding Evaluative and Revisable as characteristics will make your goal SMARTER. Set SMARTER goals and let them help you to ignite the fire within you.

Set Smarter Goals and Hold Yourself Accountable

Sometimes when we are goal setting, we focus on a big goal and do not set a deadline. Unfortunately, not using or not following a timeline for completion gives us a safety net. A safety net that makes it acceptable not to reach your goals. Without setting goals that are time-bound, you can easily justify or even ignore the amount of time that has passed since you first made the goal.

We have all heard it before, and likely have said it ourselves, "One day I will be a..." or "We are working on relocating" etc. While these goals are acceptable the "one day" or even within some broad time frame (e.g., in the next 5 - 7 years) is not what "time-bound" means. Time-bound should be a specific day. If the deadline for completion of your goal is more than 30 days away, perhaps you should not overly focus on that goal. Moreover, there must be other smaller tasks (these are goals) that you should do.

Get The Most From Your Smarter Goal Setting Sessions

The Goal Must Be Specific

Use my goal setting worksheet to get the most out of your planning. Before you start writing your goals, take a moment to turn your larger / longer-term goals into smaller goals; break those down into daily and weekly goals. Enter these daily and weekly goals into your goal setting worksheet.

Set SMARTER Goals and Be Successful

winners know winning isn't everything; it's the only thing

A Goal Must Be Specific

For example, as written above, when you look at a big picture goal, many subtasks must be done to reach that goal. Further, those tasks might even have subtasks. Therefore, it is these smaller specific tasks that will all add up to you achieving your goal. When it comes to setting your goals, you can define a particular goal as a single task.

Each Goal Must Be Measurable

Once you have defined specific goals, it is easy to measure the progress. In most cases, you can record the subtasks as being done or undone. Then as you accomplish subtasks, you can identify how close you are to reaching your broader goals. For example, if you have a big goal that is broken down into ten smaller tasks and you finish three of them, you are 30% done.

Make Sure Your Goal Is Attainable

A goal that you are unable to act upon is no goal at all. Each of your goals must be within your capabilities to achieve. Unless you are an accomplished mountain climber, there is no way climbing Mt. Everest within the next 6-months should be one of your goals. However, if climbing Mt. Everest was a long-term goal, you might determine that you need to hike, run, bike, or swim for at least 40-minutes every day this upcoming week.

Goals Should Be Relevant and Realistic

Every task that you specify as a goal should be necessary. You will reach your long-term goals by achieving the smaller goals that lead up to that prize. The prize/reward for realizing your dreams will be incredible for you. Take note, because you are on your way to making your goals a reality.

Set a Deadline, Your Goals Must Be Time-Bound

Hold yourself accountable by setting a deadline for everything you must do to reach your final destination. Do not worry if you find that you need some time practice at getting into the proper mindset. You will need to develop the appropriate habits as well. Wake up every day and look at your goals for the week and the day. Stay vigilant, and force yourself to accomplish each of your daily goals.

At this point you have set some SMART goals, the next step is SMARTER Goal Setting!

SMARTER Goal Setting, Sets You Up To Win

I recommend that you take some time on Sunday evening and set your goals for the week. Then break them down into daily goals. The intent is that you have goals for each day and bigger goals for the week. Additionally, these goals should all play an important role in getting you that much closer to your long-term goal, realizing your dream, and achieving the success you want.

Evaluate Your Daily Goals and Progress

Make it your mission, produce the plan using SMARTER goals and climb to success.

Without a doubt, there will be instances where you do not complete your daily goals. You might run into unforeseen difficulties, misjudge the complexity of the task, etc. On the other hand, you might find yourself completing goals at a surprising rate. Either way, take a moment at the end of the day to evaluate your progress. The never be afraid to take that last step and REVISE YOUR GOALS when it becomes necessary.

Revising Your Goals

When you edit your goals, whether it encompasses changing your long-term plan or merely tweaking a daily task you are not showing weakness or failure. More often than not, when you have struggled and struggled to no avail, revising your goals can sometimes be the blessing you desire. This revision does not mean that after a week, a month, or even 3-months of trying without being successful that you should quit. However, if you see a better opportunity or a different means to the end, you are chasing do not hesitate to revise your goals.

Now you have made SMARTER goals!

In Summary

Take a moment to set a long-term goal, break that down into smaller goals (e.g., monthly, weekly, and daily) use the Free Guide to SMARTER GOAL SETTING and the Goal Setting Worksheet to help you. Set yourself up every Sunday evening and make sure on Monday morning you are looking at your goals for the week. Evaluate your progress every night and make sure you are focused on accomplishing your daily goals. If necessary take a moment to revise your goals and continue to power through all that stands in your way.


If you would like to go over your answers to these questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. The first session is always free. You can get that started by clicking on the personal coaching icon below.

I hope that you practice SMARTER Goal Setting and as you face your challenges and overcome all obstacles that stand in your way, you deserve it, you are a hero.

Contact Dr. Steve and start your Goal Setting off with a push.

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