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Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.

— Theodore Roosevelt

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Increase Your Value [Infographic]

Increase your value for free by developing these six habits. 1. Keep your appointments; 2. Arrive 15 minutes early for meetings; 3. Be honest at all times; 4. Listen more and speak less; 5. Accept challenges because they give you a chance to grow; and, 6. Seek to help others first.

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She Cheated and Does Not Care

Why Doesn't She Care About How I feel? She cheated! If you ever are faced with the factual evidence that your spouse has chosen to deceive you, they not you have serious issues and shortcomings. Additionally, your response to infidelity could take some time before it comes to fruition and you are going to be on an…
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Be Honest To Be Trusted

Honest People Are Trusted People If you want to be trusted you must be honest. That means you must stop lying. You can not even lie about a small thing. One thing you must realize is that the truth will always surface. Your associates and those that you wish to have trusting bonds with will…
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