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Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

— Sun Tzu

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A Simple Explanation Yields Greater Understanding

A Simple Explanation A simple explanation is the result of an enormous amount of understanding. If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. A. Einstein We have all experienced that long-winded, complicated explanation. We did not understand it, and we perceived the concept as very difficult. When this happened we had…
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Expand Your Thoughts Think Outside of The Box

Expand Your Thoughts You need to get to a place that allows you to expand your thoughts. Moving beyond the current thought process of the masses is imperative. Expand your ideas and position yourself outside of the box. Thinking outside of the box is the only way we can ignite the fire within ourselves and…
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Winners Focus On Their Goal!

Winners Focus on Accomplishing Their Goals Winners focus on the task of finishing first! The rest of the field just watches as the winners win. They are happy with finishing behind the winner. Currently, it is week two of the new year, and I ask you: are you satisfied with where you now are in the…
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Have A Clear Vision of Your Goal

Have A Clear Vision of What You Define As Success You are destined to fail without a clear vision of your goal. It is crucial that you have a specific goal or destination. You must also know exactly what it will take for you to arrive at your desired destination. Without this, you will be…
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Devil’s Prediction No Match For Hero’s Storm

The Devil's Prediction is No Match for The Hero's Storm The devil whispers: "you can't withstand the storm." The Hero replies: "I am the storm." Bring it on that must be your mantra. As you rise to achieve your dream, you will face many storms. Hero, you must remember that nothing living or human-made can…
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