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Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

— Sun Tzu

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Kick-Ass and Smash All in My Way

Kick-Ass and Smash All That Stands in Your Way! Kick-ass and smash all that is in your way. If you do not wake up every day with this mentality, you might as well stay in bed and forget about your goals and achieving your dreams. Nobody will handle your business; this is your plan for…
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True Advice: What Do You Think About It

True Advice What Do You Think About It True advice, the best advice, is what you think about yourself, your goals, your dreams and the path you are currently on. It is important to note that as you embark on your Hero's Journey toward success and achieving HeroStyle status, only what you think is about…
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Five Keys to Success

The Five Keys to Success and Living Hero Style Unlock Your Heroic Journey To Success Use these five keys to success and start living Hero Style. [custom_list] [dropcap]1.[/dropcap] Don't try to be the best, be the first. There can only be one first place winner for each race. Moreover, we remember the person that earned first…
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