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Things change for the better when we take responsibility for our own thoughts, decisions and actions.

— Eric Thomas

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She Cheated and Does Not Care

Why Doesn't She Care About How I feel? She cheated! If you ever are faced with the factual evidence that your spouse has chosen to deceive you, they not you have serious issues and shortcomings. Additionally, your response to infidelity could take some time before it comes to fruition and you are going to be on an…
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When Opportunity Controls Loyalty

Opportunity Controls Loyalty Among The Weak There is something inherently wrong with one's character when they allow an opportunity to interfere with their loyalty. It is a shame that the weak will chose infidelity over loyalty. Making a choice to betray, deceive and ignore their spouse is appalling. [row_fluid] [span4][/span4] [span4] [button text="Book Dr. Steve" link="https://herostyle.org/book-dr-steve/" style="primary" size="normal"…
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