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If you hate a person, then you’re defeated by them.

— Confucius

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10 Ways to Increase Your Mental Strength

Mental strength is a critical component affecting your ability to achieve your goals. One the fundamental topic we will explore in your coaching sessions after establishing your goals is the mental strength required. Improving in this area will help you in all aspects of your life which could include dealing with liars in your business life and the ever so painful issues with your spouse.

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6 Amazing Characteristics Found In Strong Women

Strong women must be celebrated. They can make insightful decisions based on their excellent perception of how the outcome will affect the masses. An intelligent and confident woman will also show great compassion and empathy while remaining firm. Unfortunately, in far too many situations, the prejudices and ignorance of the past inhibit women from exploring their true interests. Thereby slowing the affected women down and, in many cases preventing them from reaching their goals. If you are a woman or you know a woman that is struggling with her self-confidence, please applaud and recognize her amazing qualities.

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The Oath of Champions

Take The Oath of Champions Today! HeroStyle Motivation The Oath of Champions is phenomenal HeroStyle Motivation. Champions, leaders, dads and all that aspire for greatness understand and subscribe to this oath. Never give up, never back down, no regrets and rise, Hero! The following audio file comes from the people at Fearless Motivation, click or…
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You Must Be Fearless

Be Fearless; it is Your Only Option
If you are not happy and content with your current situation, you must be fearless and take that next step. No excuses, you are in control. You have a choice to make the change and move toward greatness, to pursue your dream, to achieve your goal, no one will do it for you.

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Alternative Communication

Alternative Communication Proved Effective Using American Sign Language, as a method of alternative communication, this hometown Hero made a difference in one person's life. She was observant of the behavior that one customer exhibited. She correctly concluded that her customer was deaf.  As a result,  to serve her customer properly she would need to use an…
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