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Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

— Benjamin Franklin

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Approaching Investors? 5 Traits Investors Deem Essential

Approaching Investors Requires Preparation You may have a business plan that included approaching investors. Asking someone to invest in you or your business is not a frivolous endeavor. The five traits investors deem essential will give you an edge. However, first I suggest that you take some time to search and read up on the topic. …
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Know Your Limits Work Past Them

To know your limits means you know where you are weak. The process of examining yourself and then admitting where you are weak takes self-confidence and courage. It is tough knowing and accepting that you can improve in specific areas. However, you are not alone. No person is perfect, we all have shortcomings and areas where we could improve, and we are all struggling with some challenge within. To grow stronger, you must take do an honest self-inventory and examine where you are weak. Only after you identify your limits can you begin to work past them.

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Endless Solutions to Your Problems

Endless solutions exist for all of your problems. Sometimes we can struggle to find the solutions and our mental strength can seem to be non-existent. But trust me, Hero, you have what it takes to overcome. The link below will take you to a beautiful and useful tool that can help you step away and gather your thoughts. You can solve any problem you are faced with at this moment. Sometimes we become blinded by the challenge and need to take a moment to map out a strategy that will help us solve the problem. The link below will help you construct that map. Once armed with your solutions, you can strive to be fearless.

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Forgiveness Defeats Resentment

FORGIVENESS HEALS, FORGIVENESS FREES YOU Forgiveness is the action that you must do to break free from the chains of resentment. Resentment makes you bitter inside. You must remove the bitterness from your life so you can overcome this obstacle and achieve the success you desire. When you hold resentment toward someone or some component of…
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SMARTER Goal Setting Yields Success (2018)

SMARTER Goal setting seems straightforward, but to ensure that you meet the goals, you might want to spend some time thinking about them. HeroStyle is proud to offer you a free guide that will help you set and accomplish extraordinary goals that are smarter than what was once the standard. Use our guide to define your goals and then use the worksheet to track your progress and stay accountable. With the proper SMARTER goals, you will be ready to unlock your inner beast.

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