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— Eric Thomas

Know Your Limits Work Past Them

Know Your Limits and Then Work Past Them

To know your limits means you know where you are weak. The process of examining yourself and then admitting where you are weak takes self-confidence and courage. It is tough knowing and accepting that you can improve in specific areas. However, you are not alone. No person is perfect, we all have shortcomings and areas where we could improve, and we are all struggling with some challenge within. To grow stronger, you must take do an honest self-inventory and examine where you are weak.IF YOU ALWAYS PUT LIMITS ON EVERYTHING YOU DO PHYSICAL OR ANYTHING ELSE IT WILL SPREAD INTO YOUR WORK AND INTO YOUR LIFE THERE ARE NO LIMITS THERE ARE ONLY PLATEAUS, AND YOU MUST NOT STAY THERE YOU MUST GO BEYOND THEM

Only after you identify your limits can you begin to work past them.

You Can Always Work Through The Challenges

During the times you find yourself stalled out, challenged physically, intellectually, or emotionally, remember you can improve yourself and overcome the challenge. If you are willing to work through them, there are no limits, only plateaus. Although, if you are overwhelmed with anxiety and would prefer not to engage with anyone, you might need the help of a clinician to help you with an obstacle such as depression or anxiety.

Take an honest inventory of yourself and take a look at your current limits. Without shame, accept yourself, then realize that you can and will conquer these weaknesses. By working to improve your weaknesses, you will also be strengthening your entire self. This improvement will help you achieve your SMARTER goals.

there are no limits on what you can do if you put your heart, soul and mind into it

Accepting your strengths and weaknesses, then working to strengthen yourself where you are weak is the first step in improving yourself and being the best you can be.

If you would like to discuss ways to overcome your limits, please do not hesitate to contact me. The first session is always free. You can get that started by clicking on the personal coaching icon below.

May you continue to face your challenges and overcome all obstacles that stand in your way, you deserve it, you are a hero.

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