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It’s what you do with the pieces that break that will make you.

— Darryle Pollack

True Advice: What Do You Think About It

True Advice

What Do You Think About It

True advice, the best advice, is what you think about yourself, your goals, your dreams and the path you are currently on. It is important to note that as you embark on your Hero's Journey toward success and achieving HeroStyle status, only what you think is about it is important.

It Is Your Dream

Your dreams and goals are yours. Nobody else will have the same passion for them; you must be ready and willing to put in the time and never to give up. You will inevitably suffer setbacks on your way to accomplishing your goals and achieving your dreams. It is during the delays that the naysayers will give you their advice. This advice will be everything except that and, will likely be their own opinions that reflect their limitations. Actual guidance and help would help you strategize and learn from the current setback. The deadweight folks in your life will suggest that you give up, that you take a rest and perhaps do something else. That is not how you operate. You are a Hero, and the only thing that matters is what do you think about your life and goals.

Only You Can Make It Happen

Only you can make the changes. If you are a real Hero, you are not satisfied you are always hungry, and you stay in 100% beast mode, so you already know the only thing that matters is your positive attitude and working your plan for success.

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