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She Cheated and Does Not Care

Why Doesn't She Care About How I feel?

She cheated! If you ever are faced with the factual evidence that your spouse has chosen to deceive you, they not you have serious issues and shortcomings. Additionally, your response to infidelity could take some time before it comes to fruition and you are going to be on an emotional rollercoaster for sure.

Caring takes empathy, insight into the human condition and the ability to look beyond oneself. Cheaters, narcissists, lack the above and only acknowledge their own needs. She is a cheater, a narcissist incapable of looking beyond herself. If you have found yourself in this situation, you must have faith and realize there are solutions along with strategies to overcome your pain.

She cheated on me and is incapable of caring

She Cheated, But This Is Really Painful And Challenges Are Plentiful

Do not allow yourself to continue as a victim of their pathetic actions. Other than, letting you the chance to express your pain and frustration; and, providing answers no matter how painful they may be to you, you must be very careful.  You are not so desperate that you allow them to tell you what you need to hear and let them back into your life.

Further, stay guarded and protect your heart while you are rebuilding your soul. Work diligently to tell them the answer is "NO" when they ask you for assistance. Especially when they have never once assisted you when you have asked them in the past.

These folks are not able to see beyond themselves, they lack insight and cannot see themselves as the selfish person they have become or hid from you since day one.

It is a brutal realization but if you find yourself in this situation, you must be ready to work to get yourself back, and you might even need to seek the help from a mental health professional.

Remember, they have already proven that they are not honest and shown themselves to be unworthy of your time, love, and trust. They are simply broken and you cannot fix them.

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