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It’s what you do with the pieces that break that will make you.

— Darryle Pollack

Model Commitment, Inspire Others

Model Commitment First

Good leaders must model commitment before asking anyone else to do so. Heroes, this concept applies to all situations.

In the Workplace Model Commitment

Lead By Example

Before you can expect your team to commit to your company and your mission you must model the behavior. You cannot expect those that you lead to share a commitment to the goal unless you have provided them with the proper example.

Model Commitment to Your Family

Show Commitment to Your Spouse and Children First

Do not hesitate to be the first one to show commitment to your spouse and children. The foundation for a healthy marriage starts with commitment. Never promise your spouse or children anything that you cannot deliver. One small broken promise will damage the trust between you. Therefore, to be the best parent and spouse combine honesty with a strong commitment to your family.

Commitment in the Classroom

Academic Excellence Starts With Commitment

It is paramount that you commit to your education. Only after making this promise to yourself you can expect to earn top grades and an understanding of the presented material. Notably, your instructors will become aware of your commitment, and your education will benefit.

No matter where you are in life, you are a leader. Even if it appears that you are only leading yourself. So, to succeed and reach your current goal, you must be committed to the path you are on.

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