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It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

— Confucius

Increase Your Value [Infographic]

Increase your value for free.

  • 1.Keep appointments every person you interact with places importance on their time. Time is among the most valuable of assets. Do not take advantage of a person by disrespecting their time. When you make plans with someone, follow through.
  • 2.Arrive 15 minutes early for meetings. An early arrival allows you time to settle down and prepare yourself for the meeting.
  • 3.Be honest at all times. When dealing with allies, it is never acceptable to be deceptive. A trustworthy person is appreciated by everyone. One of the few things you can control is your word.
  • 4.Listen more and speak less. This provides you with the opportunity to hear the opinions of others and gain a deeper understanding of the entire issue. If possible listen to everyone else's thoughts and consider them all before speaking your mind.
  • 5.Accept challenges because they give you a chance to grow. Seize the opportunity to learn and provide a solution. Innovation brings advancement and success. Go for it!
  • 6.Be helpful and you will become the most valuable person to others when you seek first to help them before helping yourself. When dealing with clients work to uncover their biggest problems and find a way to solve their issues with your product or service. Never hesitate to help.
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