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Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

— Muhammed Ali

Even At Your Best, You Will Have Haters

Even When You Are At The Top

You will have those that speak negatively about you

Haters! Cannot get rid of them so we must silence them. To all the children, no matter what you do, no matter how well you do it, one thing is sure you will have detractors. Haters are people that will say negative things about you for no other reason than they have flaws in their character. The best way to beat those that continue to speak negatively about you is to keep kicking-ass and smashing everything that is in your way.

Haters are Discriminatory

Unfortunately, women are often hated worse than their male counterparts. If you are a woman and you have found yourself to be the topic of negative conversation, remember you are strong. You are stronger than all of us.

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