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Communication Keeps Relationships Alive

Communication Is What Keeps A Relationship Alive

Without satisfactory interpersonal communication, a relationship between two people will die. Improve or maintain a healthy dialogue with your partner with these five steps.

Five Steps To Improve The Interaction Between You And Your Partner.

1. Complain but Don’t Criticize.

When two people have different ways of dealing with life situations, disagreements are a natural byproduct. You need to recognize the differences and realize that different is not wrong. Then discuss the two approaches; and, find a solution that benefits both people. Criticizing each other is not beneficial and will only make the situation worse.

2. Seek First, to Understand, Then to Find a Solution.

Do not jump to conclusions when listening to your partner explain their viewpoint. This behavior is not advisable. It is best if you work to develop and gain a clear understanding of your partner's needs and desires. After you have achieved an understanding of your partner, you may attempt to offer advice.

You chose infidelity. If you wanted to be trusted you should have chosen honesty

3. Do Not Get Defensive Every Time You Argue.

Take a moment and notice your language and tone when speaking to your partner. Do you become aggressive and defensive toward your partner’s complaints? This behavior is problematic, characteristic of a liar, and not useful for successful interpersonal communication. Consequently, you imply that your partner is the problem. The best strategy is to stay calm; choose a gentle tone and kind words while still expressing your viewpoint.

actions speak louder than words

4.Do Not Use Sarcasm.

Sarcasm doesn’t help anyone. Your relationship is delicate. There is no need to make unstable with some "power move." The use of sarcasm is a feeble attempt at exerting power over your partner. Further, sarcasm serves to prove your insecurity and cry for attention.

5. Compromise and Negotiate.

Find common ground that allows you and your partner to work together. Finding a path that results in cooperation is essential to productive communication. It is harmful to point at each other’s faults and try to change them.


If you or your partner have hurt each other in the past, it is important that you forgive each other and work toward strengthening your relationship.

In summary, approach every conversation with an open mind. Show your partner kindness and respect. Be willing to listen and consider your partner's suggestions. Remember their feelings and that neither you nor your partner intends to cause harm. Establish an understanding of each other. Speak openly and always be honest. Act with love and a deep respect toward each other. These traits are the foundation of your relationship. Then, as true partners, decide upon a path of action that benefits both of you.

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