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Everybody wants to be a beast, until it’s time to do what real beasts do.

— Eric Thomas

Ignite The Fire Within You And Achieve Success!

Prepare to Ignite the Fire Within You

Ignite The Fire Within You And Achieve Success! 1To ignite the fire within you, you must first prepare yourself for that task. The preparation starts with developing your mindset and your overall endurance. All this find your passion and then go full tilt is misleading. You must first learn to do everything to the best of your ability. It is important to develop habits that improve your productivity. Also, you must focus on the details; make sure that you pay attention to every detail of every task you attempt. These necessary steps, once they are a part of you, will allow you to ignite the fire and unleash your inner beast. Further, you will be conditioned and ready to go 100% every day from the second you wake to the last second before you rest. Then ignite the fire of greatness within you.

“Work out the details in achieving your dreams”
Sunday Adelaja

Become a Champion

Champions never give less than their very best. They focus only on the tasks of achievement and winning. As a society, we are doing our children a disservice by giving every person that enters a contest a winners trophy. We took away the inherent desire to achieve in the classroom when schools stopped handing out gold stars. Many of the people that are just starting to develop their entrepreneurial talents or looking for that first job do not understand what it takes to achieve real success.

Once you find you passion you must be capable and willing to do whatever it takes to make it come to fruition

There is Only One Winner

Contrary to what we teach many school children there is only one winner of any competition. Second place is the first place loser. If you think those are rude and insensitive statements, perhaps you are not ready. It is possible you have not yet developed the mental strength necessary to be number one.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to choose as your vehicle to achieving success. With every person you know, and every new person and experience there is a potential for greatness to arise. However, you must be prepared and receptive. Additionally, once you seize an opportunity and make it your own, there is no room for second place.

Yes I am Writing This With You in Mind

I wrote the article hoping you would read it. Many of you are probably thinking that none of this applies to you. You have many excuses for why you are unable to achieve your dreams of success. Well, I found myself at the lowest point in my life, a place where darkness was all I could see. To make matters worse, this happened to me when I was at an age when most are looking forward to retirement in 10 - 15 years. All of that internal destruction and overall darkness was the result of me making poor decisions. I know how tough life can be. Moreover, I needed to reinvent myself and make something happen because I need to care for my family. I needed to experience complete darkness and feel total failure before I could ignite the fire within me. Thankfully, there are endless solutions to every problem we face. Lastly,  it is never too late, I am proof of this, and you can also be.

Attract Investors with these five traits: commitment, realism, humility, confidence, and endurance.

Here Is My Challenge To You

If you are looking for a boost in what you perceive to be a less than exciting life, or if you are struggling to become a success story, you can do it. I challenge you to be the best you can be right now. Take the oath of champions. Keep your eyes open and look all around and you will be more likely to find your passion. In the meantime, you will be making a positive contribution to the overall good of humanity.

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