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What is a mistake? It is simply making a decision and acting on the information that you had at a certain time that gave you a result you did not want or expect. That is all it is.

— Liam Naden

Forgiveness Defeats Resentment


Forgiveness is the action that you must do to break free from the chains of resentment. Resentment makes you bitter inside. You must remove the bitterness from your life so you can overcome this obstacle and achieve the success you desire.

When you hold resentment toward someone or some component of the past or present, you are bound to that entity or situation by an emotional link that is stronger than titanium.

This resentment blocks your well-being and keeps you tied to the exact thing from which you are trying to break free.

You can restore the Peace and Love in your heart that is often hidden by the anger and disappointment that are components of resentment.

use the power of forgiveness to break free from resentment

Understand that there are no evil intentions. Therefore, even if the behavior of another has caused you severe emotional pain and perhaps even physical pain, their plan was only to do what they felt was the best for them. People are not against you; they are merely for themselves.

Take Action and Forgive Those That Have Harmed You

The International Forgiveness Institute (IFI) states that forgiveness is an essential part of one's life; further claiming that those needing to forgive others should pledge to:

The Pledge To Forgive

  1. Do their best to forgive people from their family of origin.
  2. Be a conduit of forgiveness in their family.
  3. Forgive in the workplace and do their best to create a forgiving atmosphere.
  4. Encourage forgiveness in their place of worship and social groups to create a forgiving community.
  5. Do their best to plant and promote forgiveness in their neighborhoods, counties/parishes, states, country, and the world.
  6. Commit to living the forgiving life.

Nothing Great Comes Without Preparation

Take a moment now and prepare yourself mentally for the actual action you must take. Nothing significant happens unless you plan ahead. If visual stimuli are important to you, it might be very beneficial if you took a moment to adjust your physical surroundings. Perhaps you have a special place along your walking/jogging path, or a spot where you practice your meditation. If this is not your style, you can clear your desk from any clutter so you can give the necessary focus on the upcoming ceremony that you will be experiencing. This ceremony will focus on you taking action and forgiving all that caused you to be weighed down by the chains of resentment.

"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." - Mahatma Gandhi

The Ceremony of Forgiveness

To those that have offended or disappointed me, I forgive you. Within and without, I forgive you. I even forgive myself for the errors I have chosen to make along my way thus far. Things past, things present, things future, I forgive. I forgive everything and everybody who can need forgiveness of the past or present. I forgive everyone positively. The ones that offended me are now free, and I too am free. All the negative issues that once caused resentment are no longer present. The slate is clear between us now and forevermore.

Make a list of all those that you need to forgive. How many people are on that list?

Ensure success by taking a moment to download the Forgiveness Form.

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