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What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others.

— Confucius

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15 Ways To Rebuild Trust & Strengthen Your Marriage

Rebuild Trust In 15 Steps Your marriage has suffered, and a series of events has led you to a point where the trust is gone. It is not too late; it is possible to rebuild trust and restore your marriage. Use these 15 steps to repair your marriage, at least try. Because, how can you…
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You Cheated: A Hero’s Experience With Infidelity and Adultery

You Cheated! Adultery? Infidelity, No Way! How could you? Your choice to cheat, engage in adultery and participate in the world of infidelity destroyed two families. It further resulted in your 3-year old with Autism losing his mommy and daddy, and your spouse battling to save themselves from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After 12-years of what…
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3 Steps to Overcome Spousal Betrayal and Deception

Spousal Betrayal and Deception is an Overwhelming Obstacle Marital betrayal and deception is an unimaginably overwhelming and challenging situation that many Heroes must overcome.  The pure pain deep in your soul that you experience upon discovering the knowledge of her infidelity is searing and decimating. She was your lifelong partner, the person to whom you…
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