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What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others.

— Confucius

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15 Ways To Rebuild Trust & Strengthen Your Marriage

Rebuild Trust In 15 Steps Your marriage has suffered, and a series of events has led you to a point where the trust is gone. It is not too late; it is possible to rebuild trust and restore your marriage. Use these 15 steps to repair your marriage, at least try. Because, how can you…
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Forgiveness Defeats Resentment

FORGIVENESS HEALS, FORGIVENESS FREES YOU Forgiveness is the action that you must do to break free from the chains of resentment. Resentment makes you bitter inside. You must remove the bitterness from your life so you can overcome this obstacle and achieve the success you desire. When you hold resentment toward someone or some component of…
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First Date: 36 Questions to Ask Your Date

Make Your First Date Count With These 36 Questions We have all been on a first date. Even when the first date was a success, and resulted in a second date, there is a chance you could have improved the meeting. These 36 questions developed by Arthur Aron and his team at SUNY-Stony Brook can help…
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Detect Lies And Avoid Future Problems

Trust is Natural; We Are Taught to Lie One of the most significant talents you can acquire is the ability to pick up on cues given by those telling lies. Become a human lie detector; it's helpful in all situations, work, social, and family. Use the signs, and you might save yourself some heartache. We…
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