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Alternative Communication

Alternative Communication Proved Effective

Using American Sign Language, as a method of alternative communication, this hometown Hero made a difference in one person's life. She was observant of the behavior that one customer exhibited.

She correctly concluded that her customer was deaf.  As a result,  to serve her customer properly she would need to use an alternative mode of communication.

There are 10,000,000 hard of hearing and 1,000,000 deaf people living The United States of America.

She improved her excellent customer service skills pure HeroStyle. Using ASL as she was able to communicate efficiently and made a long-lasting positive impact on their life.

Heroes, to summarize the lesson she teaches us all is that we must be willing to adapt and always improve our ability to communicate. That means as even the newest employee you must constantly work to improve your ability to communicate with whom you interact.

Watch the video and see just how one Hero can impact those around them.

If you are interested in possibly increasing your ability to communicate with those that are hearing impaired, please visit the National Association of the Deaf.

Looking to improve your communication with others? We can help! Contact Dr. Steve.

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