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— C.S. Lewis

Solution Based Coaching

Solution Based Coaching, Motivation, and Inspiration

Dream it, Live it, and earn Success

  • Fail Successfully in 5 Steps

    Did you fail at something? If the answer is "no," good job! But do not get too cocky. But if you tried something and you did not get the results you wanted, you have three basic choices: try again right away (that...

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  • Go For It! Be All In 100%

    If you have a dream, goal, or even if you are like almost everyone else and working a job for someone, I implore you to go for it! Be committed to excellence and be all in 100% from start to finish....

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Why Choose HeroStyle For Solution Based Coaching

  • 1. Successful track record. Our business coaching will motivate and inspire you toward excellence. We can provide you with proven modern marketing strategies and tools for niche products and start-ups.
  • 2. Leadership experience. Our motivation and inspiration are rooted in over 25 years of experience. We can help you to improve your mental strength, to develop goals, set priorities, build your team and achieve success.
  • 3. Committed to the family. Find the motivation and inspiration to be a hero with your family. Dr. Steve is the father and dad of two children with 17 years between them. The youngest, my son, was diagnosed with level 2 Autism, sensory processing disorder at age 2.
  • 4. Experienced educator. More than 20 years of experience guiding and teaching students at the University level. Learn to do school HeroStyle and never shortchange your educational opportunities again.
  • 5. Aggressive solution based coaching. Dr. Steve will work with you to find the most efficient solutions to overcome the obstacles that are between you and your success. The first coaching session is always free, and the solution to most issues comes after 6 to 10 sessions.

What Can HeroStyle Do For You?

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Improve your role in your family.

A Hero takes great care in establishing honor, loyalty, and integrity within their family. Learn how to open lines of communication between all the members of your family, and successfully deal with the obstacles that face all families.
Solution Based Coaching 2

Live as a leader, not a follower

The HeroStyle platform will provide you with the motivation and inspiration along with the tools to help you realize your potential as a leader. Even if you are a member of the team you can lead as an example for others.
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Achieve success in all aspects of life

Our HeroStyle program is designed to inspire and help you achieve the success of your dreams. Moreover, we can also help you find, learn, and master the tools necessary to become a Hero in all aspects of your life. Thus, dreams become reality with HeroStyle.
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Young HeroStyle Program

The young HeroStyle program focuses largely on education. Specifically, classroom success in high school and university. Let us show you how to study in such a way that we guarantee you if you meet class prerequisites, will earn a grade of a B or higher.

Why The HeroStyle Approach Works So Well?

Ordinary Individuals Endure and Persevere In Spite Of Overwhelming Obstacles.

The HeroStyle solution based coaching approach leads clients toward their highest level of emotional well being. Together we will dig deep within and find the tools and learn to use them so we can enjoy and control our lives. Once the Hero is in control success in every aspect of life can be attained. For the Heroes that are suffering from a loss, divorce/separation, raising a child with special needs, a difficult manager or boss, running a business, or simply just finding the drive to get up each day, we have motivational and inspirational anecdotes; tips and tools to help; and informational reading for you to: DREAM it, LIVE it, and ACHIEVE it! HEROSTYLE.

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