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Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.

— Napoleon Hill

5 Tough Challenges That Make You Tougher And Wiser

 Life's Tough Challenges

Identification of the tough challenges, in your life, can often be tricky. Especially when you consider that many of them are natural emotions or responses. These challenges can cause you to become stale and depressed, thereby affecting your entire life. The key is first to identify them and then use self-assessment make sure you on the track to overcome these difficult situations.

The challenges we experience will inevitably knock us down but we must get up never stop working toward our goals.

To become tougher and wiser, you must push yourself through the pain associated with these tough challenges. In short, learn why these challenges occurred and make internal adjustments, so you are less likely to experience them again.

Success comes to those that can overcome these five tough challenges.

Identifying and Overcoming These 5 Tough Challenges In Life

  • A Change in Relationships.

    Whether it is a love lost or falling out of touch with a friend, relationships change throughout your life. Most certainly, one of the tough challenges in life is the loss of love. Losing love causes heartache. One of the greatest tools that you can use to overcome a breakup is to use forgiveness as your weapon. Forgiveness is a strength of the greatest warriors of life. Also, while you may be angry, anger is a tool that can spark you to excel.

I needed the strength to overcome the ending of a horrible relationship.

  • The Opinions of Others.

    Finding it difficult to deal with negative opinions? Do not worry about them. Even at your best, you will have haters. You will never be able to control the opinions of others, and the easy solution is to say because I cannot control the opinions of others, I should not let them affect me. Unfortunately, we are all influenced by how others perceive us. Tremendous impact on one's self-esteem can occur from the conclusion whether you are good/not good enough for something, a positive/negative performance review, whether your peers recognize you as a high or low-level performer, and how your partner or family see you. Overcoming this obstacle requires a significant amount of self-confidence and adaptability. Remember, an endless number of options are available to you. Additionally, it is an unfortunate truth that if your associates are not supporting you and pushing you to improve in all areas of life, you will improve your situation if you cut them out of your life.

  • Your Age.

    Whether you are in your early years, a young adult, middle-aged, looking toward retirement, or retired, you will likely hear someone suggest what you should or should not be doing at your age.

    Some people find it difficult when others perceive their age as a hindrance. In some cases, the law may prevent you from engaging, which can also be a challenge. If you are young for the industry you have chosen, you may need to go to great lengths to dazzle folks with your abilities. Older people can improve their chances of defeating negative opinions about their age by working diligently to stay current with the latest trends and welcoming the chance to engage with people in younger generations. You will incorporate some of the habits and characteristics of the people with whom you most often associate. So if you hang out with younger people, it is likely you will develop actions and behaviors can sell you as being younger than your chronological age.

  • Failure.

    Even the most experienced will experience failure as they work toward achieving their goals. The most successful embrace fear, and I like to use FAIL as an acronym:

    F - First; A - Attempt; I - In; L - Learning. Every time you fail, take it as an opportunity reassess and learn where you went wrong and how to improve the situation to prevent it from happening again.

Failure can challenge you but do not let it defeat you
The obstacle of failing. If you fail never give up as it is your First Attempt In Learning


In life, we face tough challenges. To overcome, you must step up. These challenges force us to step out of our comfort zone, and if you are willing, these challenges will mold you into a tougher and wiser person.

5 Tough Challenges That Make You Tougher And Wiser 15 Tough Challenges That Make You Tougher And Wiser 2

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